Little Beaver Portable Drill

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For those difficult access jobs, we have a hand portable hydraulic drill unit with remote power source, supported with a tracked power carrier. This unit is effective on slopes, behind houses or any place conventional equipment is unable to access. This drill has more power and down pressure than the typical Minute Man style drills, and sets up quickly. The power carrier allows us to transport all tooling fast and efficiently thus reducing set up time for each drill site. We have a portable winch that allows us to safely move the equipment up or down slopes as necessary.

Hydraulic drill powered by 24 HP Honda remote power source. Cat head style sampler with 140 lb hammer. Tracked power carrier used to mobilize augers, samplers, etc. to boring locations (see photos). The drill can be located up to 100’ from the power source, this may be applicable for indoor sites as well as certain outdoor locations.

Dimensions and weight:
Tower down: 6’6″L x 28″W x 3’H
Ground to tower up: 11’9″
Weight: Transport truck plus drilling equipment = 5.1 tons
Drill unit: 540 lbs
Power source: 250 lbs
Drill tooling and carrier: 1204 lbs
Portable winch: 30 lbs

4 1/2″ Ø solid flight 30′, more auger available upon request.

Modified California, 2.50″ I.D.
California 2.0″ I.D.
Terzaghi (SPT), 1.50″ I.D.

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